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Emergency Service Line:
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Robson Homes, LLC, and each of our builder affiliates, backs superior craftsmanship and attention to detail with outstanding customer care. Our in-house team of experts is committed to providing our homeowners with timely and professional service.

Service Requests

If you are a homeowner and have a NON-EMERGENCY SERVICE REQUEST, please log-in to the Customer Care Center to fill out the online request form. You can also reach us via email or by calling (408) 345-1767.


Our 24-Hour Emergency Service Line is available to handle all emergency situations. An Emergency Situation is defined as an event or situation that creates the imminent threat of damage to the home or common elements, or results in an unsafe living condition due to a construction defect that you (or as applicable, the Homeowners Association) become aware of. The 24-Hour Emergency Service Line can be reached at (408) 423-7123.